Planned Maintenance Contracts

Keeping you up and running and minimizing downtime is the goal of Millers Catering Equipment. The first step is ensuring critical maintenance work is done on schedule. Planned Maintenance helps protect you from the expense and stress of catastrophic failures, while helping you avoid down time and letting you focus on running your kitchen. On-site Planned Maintenance service is performed where and when you need it.

Your benefits of participating in a Planned Maintenance Agreement include:

  • Convenience — The maintenance service can be performed when you would like it, in the evenings or on weekends - out of normal working hours must be stipulated before a quotation is provided.
  • Increased Up-time — Problems are found before they cause breakdowns, allowing repair work downtime to be scheduled.
  • Cost-Effective — Problems are discovered in their early stages, while they are still minor repairs, before they affect other machine parts and become costly, major repairs.
  • Quality Parts and Technicians — Factory trained technicians perform the maintenance work using quality spare parts.
  • Longer Machine Life — Regular maintenance increases the life of the machine.
  • Problems are “Fixed Before Failure" — Technicians advise the customer on any repairs while they are minor, before they become major and lead to failure.
  • Increased Equipment Value — Detailed maintenance and repairs are kept up to date. This increases machine value.

If you are interested in a Planned Maintenance Contract with Millers Catering Equipment please complete the form below and one of our dedicated service representatives will contact you shortly.

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