Extraction Cleaning

Every Commercial Kitchen in the UK must be governed by a responsible person i.e. the owner, the employer or any other person who has been clearly designated. The responsible person is legally obliged to show the relevant duty of care and mitigate the consequences of any hazard or risk. Although out of sight, it is paramount that the duty of care includes the maintenance and cleaning of the grease extraction system.

Insurers are taking a firm standpoint by amending their policies and stipulating that the kitchen extraction system must be cleaned at least once a year. Failure to do so, will give your insurers power to reject a claim. In addition to liability claims, failure to minimise fire risk may also result in an Environmental Health Officer closing down the kitchen. 

Millers partners are fully qualified to issue you with a Fire Risk Assessment Certificate, which is drawn up in conjunction with the Association of British Insurers and the FPA (Fire Protection Authority), and also an ‘Extraction System Certificate’ which conforms to HVCA and TR/19 standards as set out in their Guide to Good Practice.

Millers Duct Clean will deliver:

·         Photographic evidence of pre and post cleaned ventilation systems

·         A signed cleaning certificate to HVCA and TR/19 standards

·         An annual full service agreement

·         A commercial kitchen that exceeds the legislative requirements


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