Dishwasher Service Contract

When the warranty period on your dishwasher has expired we all know how costly repairs can be. Now is the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of our service contract to maintain your machine in good working order and prolong the life of the unit and avoiding any unnecessary down time. We advise you to have a yearly visual inspection and service, which can be pre-arranged to suit your business needs.

The service involves a full descale, replacement of any detergent and rinse aid tubing that has got worn, making sure that all components are working correctly and can even give advice on housekeeping training. 

The cost of a yearly visit to maintain your asset is just £245.00 +VAT which also covers labour costs should any call outs be made during the year.    

If any major expense is involved or envisaged an estimate of the cost will be submitted for approval before any such works are undertaken.

The dishwasher service price has been calculated on the basis that the required works are affected in one continuous visit, during normal working hours (Mon-Fri 9am- 5pm) but we can organise other times upon request.


Dishwasher Service Agreement Terms and Conditions  

Calls received and attended which are found to be due to customer misuse and or abuse will not be covered by this agreement and will be subject to charge at our standard breakdown/call rates. 

Millers Catering Equipment reserves the right to surcharge or refuse to service heavily used machines or machines damaged due to misuse. 

No guaranteed response times are attached to these contracts, and all calls will be attended as quickly as possible using best efforts or a 1st come 1st serve basis.    

Payment for the contract must be made within 30 days of the signed agrement, otherwise any calls will be charged at standard rates. 

If this agreement is terminated by Millers Catering Equipment before its expiry date then a refund will be issued for any unexpired portion of the contract.

Millers Catering Equipment reserves the right to terminate the agreement by giving 24 hours’ notice. This may apply to machinery that is not maintained in accordance with recommended standards or procedures, or once the machine reaches an age of 7 years or over. 


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