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How we can help

You may know precisely what it is that you need and what the configuration of your space will be, but, sometimes some expert advice can either qualify your idea or tease out something that can deliver some added value to you.

We can measure your room and provide scale drawings to outline the best way to use the space. At this stage we will consult with you over the very best equipment to use based upon all of the data that we have and to give you some alternatives to mull over before making your decision.

This stage of the process is designed to be collaborative and to challenge your interpretation to arrive at the most effective all round outcome.

Our drawings

Our scale drawings will be by hand initially to prevent any unnecessary expense to you but for more complicated and involved designs we will of course use state of the art CAD drawings.

Your input and specific requirements are vital and we will incorporate your wishes into the plan from the outset but we will also offer our insight where and when we feel it will help...please do not think that we have all the answers, however, we have been doing this a long time! Your complete satisfaction is our goal...

We are happy to provide our design service free of charge if you proceed with the supply and installation but as you can appreciate this service is time consuming and involved. If you choose not to use us following our design then there may be a small consultation fee for our service.

We don't overlook the details

In all of our plans we are clear to ensure that we concern ourselves with the details and the operational flow of there design. Our objective is to partner with our customers and not to simply sell something that we earn a small profit on.

Waste, drainage, ventilation, extraction, space and light amongst other things are all a part of the considerations that we take into account when we embark on a project. This is not to try and extract the highest price but to ensure that you have the best solution at the first time of asking without having to incur additional cost retrospectively.

Our experience has taught us that the detail is where the devil is...